About Us

Welcome to The First Time Buyer Club Site!

We hope you can find all the information and support you are looking for in order for you to buy your first home in the UK.
If you don’t find what you are looking for contact us and let us know.

We pride ourselves in  giving  good advice about getting on to the property ladder so you get opportunities to get good loans, mortgages, tenant buyer deals and help with confidence building.

We will also be empathetic to hurdles you might face.  

If you would like we can also help you, not just to get a first time buyer home, but in sparking an interest  in property investment to create wealth for you and your family.

We ourselves have faced difficulties, as first time buyers and subsequently buying other homes, and would like to pass on our knowledge and contacts to source good property deals and professionals to help you complete your first time buyer purchase from start to finish.

We created this The First Time Buyer Club we want to help  you make the purchase of your first home as smooth as possible and with as much practical help and encouragement as possible.

So we promise –

Integrity – we will do what we say or at least sort things out quickly where mistakes are made and listen to and act on feedback
Empathy – we will do our best to understand what you need and help you put your foot on that property ladder



After graduating with a degree in Modern Languages I embarked on a career mainly in the public sector.  Given my salary at the time my first experience of “my own” place was a rented house share in London when house prices were very high. As with most young people my career meant I relocated several times, each time renting because I felt buying a place of my own was beyond my means. 

It was after working for an urban development organization in Holland I came back to England and eventually I decided, whilst I couldn’t buy property by myself  in London, I could afford one in Manchester and I began focusing my efforts on finding the right kind of home for me in the right area.  I found a flat in a very good area and even though interest rates were around 15% at the time I could get a 95% mortgage so with a small deposit I took my first step on the property ladder.

My first home was bought for £42,000.  At first this was hard going but, when it was time to move on, I refurbished it got it to a very good standard and rented it out.  Eventually I sold it for £139,000 to my tenant who loved it as I had.  The happiness my tenant felt, having their first new home, ignited a flame in me to help as many people as I could get on to the property ladder and that is what I have been doing ever since.

It was after this I completed an MSc in Management and met like minded people who were interested in property investment, I found myself beginning to invest in properties.  I was determined that what I wanted was to provide good quality rented accommodation  to people who were looking to do more than rent a place, people who were looking to build a home.   I wanted to help potential first time buyers get their first break quicker than I had done.  I am passionate about The First Time Buyer club as I really hope it will offer some guidance and assistance to those who can’t see a way, at the moment, to achieve their first home.  ‘Where there is a will, there is a way’ and Miki and I are living proof of that. 



I came to UK from a country that was in the war at the time. My husband is English so I was lucky to have somebody who was familiar with the UK market. We lived in a rented property for over a year being unable to buy a house of our own. And when we finally did it wasn’t as easy a process as I hoped for. There were a lot of obstacles to overcome. It was very difficult to find out what I could do to make it happen so I was feeling like an outsider to the event that was changing my life.

I now want to change that for other people. I will offer them a guidance and knowledge and through it a power and security of “being in the loop”.

A bit about me:

I met my husband Carl in Serbia (then Yugoslavia) in 1991. We have been married for seventeen years and have a daughter Tiana and a son Aron. Carl also has a son from his previous marriage, my stepson Daniel, who is 25. Two years ago we helped him to get on the property ladder by giving him a much needed deposit and the guidance. We got him in touch with the people he needed to deal with in order to get his new home. This triggered something inside of me to want to offer this  kind of service  to first time buyers (even those who are moving houses after a few years – this process doesn’t happen often so people forget what they need to do and what it involves).

When I came to UK, I worked in casinos in a variety of jobs (receptionist, restaurant, croupier, etc) because I couldn’t transfer and validate my qualifications as a primary school teacher. This helped me to learn and acknowledge importance of correct customer care. Also it is the reason why I want offer personal touch to The First Time Buyer Club.