Budgeting All Costs When Buying Your Property

Budgeting All Costs When Buying Your Property

Many people end up making a great deal of money through strategic property investments. However, even experienced investors can forget or overlook many hidden costs. By learning about the different fees you may incur, you can increase your bottom line when buying property.


Fees -

There are a lot of miscellaneous fees involved in purchasing a property; loan application fees are a prime example of this. Right from the start, you have to spend money in order to be considered for most mortgages such as the valuation fee for the surveyor.. Although the fees might be minimal, they still must be taken into account as an expense that takes away from your bottom line. There will also be solicitor and conveyancing fees to take into consideration; both of these are generally inescapable parts of purchasing property, and will need to be taken account when budgeting to buy your first  home. If you are buying a leasehold flat then you will need to take into account  monthly service charges.  

Surveys -


Surveys are critical when purchasing a new property and can uncover major problems that would cost you even more money down the line;  It is worth considering whether to  have a basic survey or a more in depth one if the property is very old so that you don’t have any nasty expensive surprises after purchase..   

Insurance -


You will need to consider building’s and contents insurance once you have bought the property.  If you buy a flat, the buildings insurance is probably included in the service charge.  Make sure the amount of cover is sufficient for re-building should anything ever happen to  your home.  

Other Miscellaneous Costs -


Once the purchase is finalised, there are still a few more costs to be considered. Moving expenses absolutely must be included in the final cost of buying property; in some cases, they can be considerable. Getting the home ready to live in will also require utilities connections which will cut even further into your bottom line. By being aware of the extra costs of buying property, you can make a far more strategic – and informed – decision

Article by:- David S Judge

Can You Afford To Buy Right Now?

Can you afford to buy a house right now?

Things to consider

In terms of UK house prices this is one of the best times in history to buy property.

But how about for your personal circumstances?

Buying a home is probably the biggest financial decision you will ever make so it is worth taking time to consider whether it is the right choice for you. You will become responsible for all the costs of maintaining the property, including major structural repairs, routine repairs and improvements.

There are a lot of costs to consider initial costs as well as ongoing costs.

Here I’d like to breakdown all the costs involved in buying a property for you so that you know whether it is something you can afford right now an dthe options available for you if you need help.

Upfront costs needed

  1. Your Deposit
  2. Surveyor fees
  3. Stamp Duty
  4. Land registry fee
  5. Solicitor fees
  6. Mortgage arrangement and broker fees
  7. Furniture, decorating and moving costs

Ongoing costs to consider

  • mortgage repayments
  • mortgage protection insurance for if you fall ill or lose your job
  • life assurance to enable your family to pay off the mortgage if you die
  • contents insurance against the risk of theft, fire, flood or other accidents
  • council tax and water charges
  • gas, electricity, telephone, etc
  • ground rent and service charges may apply

These costs may vary dramatically depending on a number of factors. It is wise to consider your own circumstances and seek financial advise.